If you know how to treat me
You know how to touch me
Baby then you’ll get the chance
The chance to love me
it’s obvious I want to be into you 
but it all depends on all the things you do
Cause baby I promise, I promise
If you keep it real with me 
Be honest, be honest 
You can get anything you want
That you want babe
just show me everything I need to see
I’ll give you everything boy

Sit at home.

Make my pho burger. 

Drink my redbulls. 


Find stupid romantic hashtags. And hash it out. LOL. 

I know you guys care about me. I’ll be okay. Life is being adventurous. Trying new things. Working things out. Getting hurt about things. Fixing things. Conditioning certain things. 

I always have stupid hopeless romantic thoughts in my head, but I’m too embarrassed to admit it. And play off the whole “Who needs a relationship?” 

May/Can I just be in a relationship with y’all? As in a friendship. Isn’t that a relationship, too? I’m your time filler when your signif-o isn’t around. 

I’m completely oblivious when it comes to a romantic relationship. I need someone who isn’t. I need someone who needs me, wants me and is sure about me and my quirky ways. (I had survey 10 people. That was one of the highest adjective that was mention.) Other than that, it’s pretty simple. I know what kind of person I am. I could be mean, but I choose not for most hours of the day. 

You know what. I don’t want a relationship. I don’t have my life together, yet. 

I’m just rambling now. Time to eat my pho burger. LOL


It takes time for people to change the momentum of their lives, especially something that has/had made them comfortable and happy.

I’m not asking for you to stay. Accompany me until I can ease my way out. I enjoy your company and our friendship too much to let go. With feelings or not, can we just continue? Or is it too much? Is it right? Can we really be just friends? Are you afraid to hurt me? Am I afraid to hurt you?


Lol. The best way I can simply put is that I care for you. Sure, of course, I still have some feelings for you. It’s natural, but let me condition myself not to like you in that fashion.

It’s like a romance movie. Two people of opposite sex that are being best friends are bounded to have some kind of feeling. Realistically, it’s too soon to say good ending or not. As in, this could become a toxic friendship and we won’t end up being good friends as we thought it could be. Does that make sense?

Sigh, people don’t know my mind. I’m going to stop placing their thoughts into it. I know I can be happy on my own. I’ve done it. I’m great at it. I’ll be okay.

Can we just go back to our regular chatting? LOL. We can be different.