Jen Le
Hometown: Biloxi, MS
State University of New York at Albany
Senior, Major(s): Human Biology & Chinese

Photography & Blogging

Future Goals:
Become a Physician's Assistant

Future Graduate Schools:
George Washington University
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I just wanna keep posting photos because I know I’ll stop posting them eventually.

is like

The rest you could never get
The food that you can’t swallow
The air that you couldn’t be breathe
The heartbeat that stops
The thoughts that aren’t processed

Depression is like

An insomniac
An eating disorder
An respiratory distress
A cardiac arrest
An irreversible stroke

You must protect your mental health because everything could go down from there.


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He’s training to join the circus on his first birthday!

What make-up can do. And color contacts.

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you.

A day is not single out for something that lasts a lifetime. Every day is your birthday as you continue to breathe, move and live. What is happy? Happy does not always means the emotional state of being cheerful and full of laughter. Happy is also being fortunate, lucky and well-timed. How does all three fits in?

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Day 6: This is probably one of the few photos I have together with Johnny. This photo resembles the last time I spent with him. I originally had a longer post, but it wasn’t meant to be shared. I had the story of the experience. Guess he stopped it. #johnnyle